How Should Local Seo Be Done?

Once we know some of the basics of local SEO, the time has come to talk about the keys to this type of positioning. For all these reasons, we are going to give some guidelines that are fundamental when it comes to knowing the actions that we have to carry out.

  • First of all, we must define as accurately as possible what is our activity and the sector to which we are dedicated. And, just in this way, we will allow Google to fit without any problem the user’s search with the results in which we will be protagonists.
  • Also, once we have defined the commercial activity to which we dedicate ourselves, it is time to delimit the geographical area in which we want to have a more significant influence. We have already mentioned that local SEO is about that. For all this, we will have to define if we’re going to act in a neighbourhood, in a town or a province.
  • But of course, all this would be useless if we were not able to identify the main keywords of our sector. With this, what we want to say is that the study of these keywords is fundamental. A study, which from our point of view, should take us a considerable time because it can become the basis of our entire strategy.
  • Once we have done the similar keyword study, it is time to incorporate the geographic terms of our field. If for example, we are acting in a province, those keywords will have to follow the name of the area. Only in this way will we go from doing a global SEO to doing a local SEO¬†Sydney¬†for example.
  • We will also have to carry out the registration of our profile in Google my business. This is the platform that will allow us to have a more significant impact within a local area. Here we can register our business, we can offer information about it, and it will be the cornerstone around which the entire process of local positioning will revolve.
  • To finish, but not least, we also have to take into account what resources we have available. In this case, we are talking about the budget, human resources as well as tools.

Seo Optimization On Page

You might think that the fact of carrying out a local SEO strategy, the internal optimization part does not have much relevance. However, this is not the case at all. Moreover, we could even say that a good internal optimization within a local SEO strategy would be more than enough to achieve the first results in the search engines.

For all this, it is worthwhile to look at some aspects that do not stop being interesting. Some issues, that if correctly optimized, will give us a proper position of advantage over our competitors.

The title is fundamental. Any content that we have created, either from our corporate blog or that belonging to a page within our website, must have a fully optimized title. You already know that the most important thing is to include the primary keyword followed by the name of the province, the population or the neighborhood in which you want to center.

The meta description, without a doubt, on many occasions, is the great one forgotten about the SEO on the page. This portion of the text that appears in the search results after the title can be an excellent way to attract potential clients and consequently get conversions. In this meta description, which, from time to time, does not have the space restrictions that it had a few years ago, we can include emoticons, as well as some information about our business, such as address, hours, even the phone.